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Walking the walk

I've always found myself drawn to the outdoors — hiking, skiing, watching the waves. As humans, we connect to nature because it's where we come from.

I discovered the power of natural healing in my own healthcare journey. My doctors continually prescribed surface-level and generic fixes, but I knew there had to be better, and eventually discovered naturopathic medicine.

Finally, I received care that was catered to me, and not one-size-fits-all. It helped me to feel my best, and I continue to see the same for my patients. Our bodies are designed to work with nature, not against it.

Behind Kore

At first glance, Kore speaks to the intention of naturopathic medicine, to uncover and address the root cause. For me, however, the name carries a deeper meaning.

Kaur is a name used by Sikh women, created to symbolize the abolishment of the social divide amongst humans and signify that we are all one. In Sikh culture, Kaur represents strength, equality, and empathy.

An amalgam of "core" and "Kaur," Kore represents my commitment to embodying both sets of values in my practice.

The Kore philosophy

The power of nature-based healing

Embracing the power of nature-based healing can boost our energy levels, improve our sleep, and decrease our recovery time... no prescription needed.
When we give ourselves the opportunity to embrace nature in our healing process, we're not just taking care of ourselves, we're nourishing our souls too.

When it comes to your body, you know best

Your lab results may be 'normal,' but that doesn't mean you feel normal.
In today's world, the reference ranges used to determine what's normal are based on a population that is increasingly unwell.
Even with 'normal' results, you may still have reason to be struggling, and that deserves a second look.

Behind unexplained symptoms

Unexplained symptoms may have a reason after all
When you're experiencing headaches, mood changes, fatigue, and cycle fluctuations, it's not just in your head — it's your hormones that could be the real culprit.
Having your hormones out of balance can manifest in a variety of symptoms, but the good news is that it's treatable.

The role of conventional care...

Consider the case of two patients, both diagnosed with the same chronic disease.

Despite the same diagnosis, they have differing underlying causes. One developed the condition over time as a result of environmental exposures, the other as a result of poor dietary choices.

Conventional care would treat both individuals similarly, with a one-size-fits-all intervention.

...and the case for naturopathic.

In contrast, a naturopathic approach would first seek out the issue at its core, factoring in the patient's unique story, environment, diet, and lifestyle before prescribing treatment.

By targeting both the unique individual and addressing the condition at its root, the likelihood of positive outcomes is far higher.

Naturopathic care isn't a replacement for conventional. Instead, it's complementary —presenting an opportunity for better health outcomes and an improved quality of life.

What patients can expect

With conventional treatment

  • Time: "That went so fast, I didn't even get to bring up..."
  • Philosophy: Treatment is standardized, and not catered to the individual
  • Focus: Diagnosis and treatment are often surface-level and symptom-focused, with generalized basic testing and screening and limited emphasis on prevention
  • Outcome: Appointments are often rushed, with the patient often feeling unheard and misunderstood

With Kore

  • Time: "Wow, I've never had so much attention from a doctor!"
  • Philosophy: Patient-first care puts the overall wellbeing of the patient first
  • Focus: Diagnosis and treatment starts with root cause discovery and holistic assessment, allowing for comprehensive testing and an increased emphasis on prevention
  • Outcome: The patient experiences comfort and relief knowing concerns are being heard and all factors are being considered

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