Kore Natural Medicine now open in Walnut Creek, CA! In-person and virtual bookings available.
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Enhance healing with more options for care

Now accepting in-person and virtual appointments at our new location in Walnut Creek, California.

Services we offer

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Services are available for booking through our convenient online booking platform. Initial consult required for BHRT and shockwave therapy.

A range of treatment modalities

Care is not one-size-fits-all...

...and that's why we offer a variety of complementary modalities to meet your unique needs and comfort levels.

Being able to offer more than diet and lifestyle modifications allows us to address a wide range of health concerns and offer comprehensive treatment plans that promote optimal wellbeing, while mitigating the risk of serious illness.

‍With treatments like red light therapy and shockwave therapy, we can effectively manage conditions such as inflammation, pain, and tissue repair, enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive care.

How it works:

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Initial Consult
We start with your health history, concerns, and goals — it's your opportunity to share your story and for us to understand your unique needs.
Treatment Plan
Based on the insights from your consult, we'll develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific health concerns.
Ongoing Care
We're committed to providing you with continuous support, monitoring your progress, adjusting as needed, and offering guidance.

Meet Dr. Uppal

As a doctor of naturopathic medicine, I’ve found that the most pressing problem facing Americans is the prevalence of chronic disease.

Conventional treatment is often symptom-first, leading to the overuse of pharmaceutical medications and their associated interactions and side effects.

At Kore, the patient comes first, starting with the time and attention required to get to know them as a whole person before treatment is recommended.

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