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Hormone Health
Regulate mood, energy, and manage symptoms
Gut Health + Digestion
Optimal gut health starts with diet and lifestyle
Chronic Illness
Get back your quality of life with natural therapies
Preventive Care
Identify risk factors and prevent chronic disease
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Initial Consult
We start with your health history, concerns, and goals — it's your opportunity to share your story and for us to understand your unique needs.
Treatment Plan
Based on the insights from your consult, we'll develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific health concerns.
Ongoing Care
We're committed to providing you with continuous support, monitoring your progress, adjusting as needed, and offering guidance.

Naturopathic care that covers all angles

1. Acute care

Treatment, when you need it

Struggling with the common cold, flu, or COVID?
Acute conditions come on suddenly and usually for a short duration (like colds, flu, sprains, and burns).
As a naturopathic doctor, my approach uses natural therapies to alleviate symptoms, support your body's natural healing processes, and strengthen your immune system against future exposure.
*Acute visits are available for existing patients only.
2. Chronic conditions

Addressing your condition at its core

For best results, address the condition at its core.
Treatment often centers on symptom control, relying largely on medications and other short-term solutions.
This approach has limited long-term benefits and carries the risk of undesirable side effects.
A naturopathic lens can help you both manage your condition and return your quality of life.
3. Proactive prevention

Healthcare that starts before the symptoms

Prioritizing preventive care
Together, we can help prevent the onset of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
We'll work together to identify your risk factors and make the changes that will empower you to take charge of your health.
Your questions, answered

Common patient questions

What's the difference between a naturopathic doctor and a [naturopath / dietician / homeopath / etc.]?

Naturopaths, dieticians, and other holistic providers do not receive equivalent education or licensing, meaning they are not legally permitted to evaluate, diagnose, or treat medical conditions.

Naturopathic doctors undergo a rigorous educational program, and are licensed only after a 4-year doctorate and two national board examinations.

Do you offer in-person appointments?

We do! Patients can now book for both virtual and in-person appointments at our new location in Walnut Creek, CA.

Virtual appointments are available to residents of California and Washington. In-person patients are able to take advantage of additional offerings, including red light therapy.

Appointments can be booked here.

Do you take insurance?

While I understand that insurance can be an important factor in accessing healthcare, I have made the decision to not accept it at this time.

Accepting insurance limits my ability to provide the level of care I believe every patient deserves. A few reasons include:

Insurance companies place limits on the types of tests and treatment they cover. To treat patients effectively and to the best of my abilities, access to a wider range of tests and treatments that may not be covered by insurance is often essential.

Second, many insurance companies require practitioners to diagnose patients with specific conditions in order to receive coverage for treatment. Naturopathic healthcare focuses on addressing underlying causes over treating conditions at the surface, and complying with insurance restrictions essentially translates to treatment under their terms, in contrast to naturopathic principles and what I believe my patients require.

Lastly, insurance companies require extensive paperwork and administrative tasks. As the owner and head doctor at Kore, it is vital to focus my energies on continuing to provide high-quality, individualized care.

I'm in [state], can you be my doctor?

Kore currently serves patients within Washington and California. Patients can book for both virtual and in-person visits.

What can I expect being a Kore patient?

As a patient at our clinic, you can expect a personalized and holistic approach to your health care. From your initial consultation to ongoing support, we are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing comprehensive treatment plans that address the root causes of your health concerns.

Dr. Uppal will work closely with you to develop a tailored plan that may include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, natural supplements, red light therapy, and other complementary modalities.

You can expect to be actively involved in your health journey, with our team providing guidance and education to empower you in making informed decisions about your well-being. We are committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment where you feel heard, respected, and cared for.

Learn more about the Kore philosophy here.

I'm not experiencing any symptoms. Should I still see a naturopathic doctor?

Even if you're not currently experiencing symptoms or illness, visiting a naturopathic doctor can be highly beneficial.

Naturopathic medicine approach focuses not only on treating illness but also on preventing health issues before they arise. We use holistic assessments and testing to identify personal risk factors for illness and work with you to address them through an individualized treatment plan. This may include personalized guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, optimizing your diet, natural supplementation, managing stress, and strategies for enhancing your overall well-being.

Regular check-ups with a naturopathic doctor can help identify potential health concerns early on and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're doing your best to maintain your health and prevent future ailments.

When should I see a naturopathic doctor?

You should consider seeing a naturopathic doctor if:

• You’re seeking a holistic approach
If you’re interesting in addressing your health issues at their root over simply treating symptoms, a naturopathic doctor can provide a comprehensive approach that considers your unique situation and provide a treatment plan that includes diet and lifestyle, supplementation, and integrative therapies.

• You have chronic health conditions
For conditions like digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, or chronic pain, naturopathic medicine can offer effective, natural solutions.

• You're looking for preventive care
If you want to maintain your health, prevent disease, and optimize your overall well-being, a naturopathic doctor can provide in-depth assessment and testing to identify risk factors and guide you in making lifestyle and dietary choices that support your goals.

• You're interested in natural therapies
If you prefer using natural remedies such as herbs, supplements, and dietary changes over pharmaceutical medications, a naturopathic doctor may be able to recommend safe and effective alternatives.

• You're experiencing unresolved health issues
If you've been to other healthcare providers but haven't found relief, a naturopathic doctor can offer a holistic perspective and additional treatment options.

Do I need to be an existing patient to book red light therapy?

New patients are able to book red light therapy without a prior visit. Initial consults are only required for patients looking to book BHRT and shockwave therapy.

Red light therapy visits can be booked here.

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