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Methylene Blue Therapy

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Methylene Blue Therapy can:
  • Promote skin health and rejuvenation
  • Enhance cellular energy production
  • Improve cognitive function and memory
  • Protect against oxidative stress and cellular damage
  • Reduce signs of aging in the skin
  • Promote overall skin health and rejuvenation
  • Support mitochondrial health and function
  • Enhance overall vitality and well-being
About Methylene Blue Therapy:

Methylene Blue Therapy involves the use of a medical-grade blue dye administered orally to combat the effects of aging at the cellular level. As a powerful antioxidant, Methylene Blue supports mitochondrial function, enhances cellular energy production, and protects against oxidative stress. Originally used to treat methemoglobinemia (a condition that impairs the release of oxygen to tissues), methylene blue has now been found to improve cognitive function, reduce signs of aging, and enhance overall vitality. At Kore Natural Medicine, we use Methylene Blue in conjunction with Red Light Therapy to maximize benefits and outcomes.

You should not use Methylene Blue without being assessed and monitored by a healthcare professional.


Who is Anti-Aging Methylene Blue Therapy recommended for?

Methylene Blue Therapy is recommended for individuals looking to reduce signs of aging, improve cognitive function, enhance skin health, reduce inflammation, and boost overall energy and vitality. It is also recommended for patients doing Red Light Therapy at Kore Natural Medicine.

Do I need to be an existing patient to be prescribed Methylene Blue?

An initial consultation is required to evaluate your health history, current condition, and suitability for methylene blue therapy. There are contraindications and Dr Uppal has to thoroughly assess if Methylene Blue is safe for you.

How is Methylene Blue Therapy administered?

At Kore, Methylene Blue is prescribed via oral supplementation, either in liquid or capsule form. Dr. Uppal will determine the most appropriate method based on your individual needs and preferences.

Should I be doing anything to prepare for Methylene Blue Therapy?

Dr. Uppal will require a G6PD deficiency blood test before starting methylene blue. During your consult you will also discuss any medications or supplements you are taking to ensure there are no interactions with methylene blue.

Are there any side effects of Methylene Blue?

There is a relatively low risk for starting Methylene Blue therapy when you are assessed and dosed properly for its use

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